Our Dogs. I am no longer breeding.

Shih Tzu AKC top quality puppies and adults price includes shots, health guarantee, vet check up, paper trained, toy, starter food and socialized. I have a 24/7 help line for my buyers and I have a lifetime return policy.

I babysit my puppies when needed. I will help with advice on training and house breaking your puppies. I supply literature with great information with each dog. I have been in the Pensacola area all my life and have been breeding and showing Shih Tzu for over 30years. I breed for great temperments, show qualities, great coats and all colors. I have enough dogs living with me for you to see the type of Shih Tzu I breed, including size.

I have both parents. All my dogs are inside dogs and live under the same roof that i do. Most of the boys have their own area in the house with outdoor play yards. My dogs are not caged. I only place my dogs on a spay, neuter contract. If they are old enough to be spayed or neutered, I will have it done before they are placed. All of my dogs are part of my family. I am a small show breeder. The dogs I don’t keep for show are placed with families for pets. That does not mean they are not show prospects. It just means I am not able to show that dog at the time.

I try to keep one dog a year from the litters to show. I have a few litters a year but Shih Tzu do not have large litters. They have up to 6 puppies in a litter. Most of the time the average litter Is 4 puppies. I recommend you read up on the Shih Tzu before buying one. The american Shih Tzu Club has a wealth of information on the Shih Tzu. Their website is http://www.americanshihtzuclub.org. The American Kennel Club also has a lot of information on their website, http://www.akc.org .

I do not ship my puppies. You can fly into the Pensacola, Florida Airport and I will pick you up to come visit the puppies. If you live nearby, I have special days that you can come visit the puppies.

There is a big difference between what is called CKC registration and AKC registration. Follow the link to CKC (not Canadian Kennel Club) http://www.continentalkennelclub.com. See what little there is to getting CKC dog registration.

All my dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club. See what the American Kennel Club requires to register with them http://www.akc.org. My boys have DNA records with the American Kennel Club. My house and dog areas have been visited by the American Kennel Club and records checked several times with an A+ on my dogs and records and dog areas. Other kennel clubs do not inspect how records are kept and how the dogs are housed or require DNA testing.