Dog show Equipment for sale.



Shih Tzu Bows

Dog show supplies for sale.

Pensacola, Florida 32571


I have 200 and 300 and 400 and 500 Airline Crates.

Over the 25 years of showing dogs, I have a collection of cages, leads, clippers and blades and all kinds of grooming items. Since I will only be showing one dog at a time, I do not need some of the extra show things that I have. I have all sizes of Airline Crates. I also have some Central Metal Cages. Some 3×3 and some 18×36 I have a lot of other crates used for travel and shows.

Dog Show Equipment, Crome Cages, Grooming Equipment, Grooming Tables, Ringside Tables and much more. Call me for more information.

Barbara Page